Plastic Omnium’s success is driven by the capabilities and engagement of its employees. That’s why the Company is committed to hiring both recent graduates with solid educational backgrounds and more experienced employees who bring with them expertise and managerial skills.

Young people and recent graduates

Plastic Omnium welcomes interns and trainees in its facilities in France and around the world and hosts degree-granting apprenticeship and work-study programs.

Every year, dozens of recent graduates participate in France’s Volunteer for International Experience program, which enables them to undertake foreign assignments for periods of one to two years.

Experts and managers

Since Plastic Omnium must constantly reinforce its teams and continue delivering skills and capabilities in an ever-changing world, dozens of new employees are hired every year to fill positions in production – with expertise in injection, paint and assembly – as well as in R&D, purchasing, logistics, sales and marketing, IT systems, financial management and human resources.

Plastic Omnium’s corporate identity

  • France: 30%           Rest of the world: 70%
  • Women: 20%         Men: 80%