Welcome to the Human Resources section of the Plastic Omnium website. As you will see, we wanted to make the section as informative as possible. That’s why it has been designed to provide answers to your questions, about our Company, its development over the past 67 years, its operations and two core businesses, and opportunities for jobs and internships.

Through the various pages that comprise the section, you’re going to discover a manufacturing and services company with more than 22,000 employees and 110 plants.

Plastic Omnium has steadfastly deployed the same powerful values throughout its history. Founded as a manufacturing company, it has always focused on growth and constantly invested to remain on the cutting edge of innovation.

We are guided by a commitment to maintaining our leadership through a portfolio of innovative products and services. This commitment is shared by today’s team members as well as by those who will join us tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this section, which is dedicated to the people who are – and have always been – the driving force behind Plastic Omnium.

Philippe Hugon, Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Interview with Philippe Hugon,
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

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