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-  09 October 2018

A look back at the professional days of the 2018 Paris Motor Show

On 2 and 3 October at the Paris Motor Show, the event was exclusively reserved for industry professionals and journalists. A look back at these two days, punctuated by Plastic Omnium's press conference and the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron.


Plastic Omnium press conference confirms the targets set

In a growing and rapidly changing global automotive market, Plastic Omnium's innovations continue to focus on sustainable mobility. This positive message was the beginning of the press conference. Innovation, at the heart of Plastic Omnium's DNA, is supported by the Group's R&D investments to develop the clean and connected car of tomorrow.

Intelligent Exterior Systems Innovation

Plastic Omnium offers intelligent systems made of thermoplastic and composite materials (Smart Bumper, Smart Panel,...) able to let complex waves work through. This feature allows radars, which are essential to the connected car, to be protected from the elements as well as to carry out their mission while preserving the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. These thermoplastic materials will even be able, in the near future, to integrate these radars into their material, thus giving free rein to the creativity of car designers.The Smart Tailgate, stylish and 30% lighter, benefits from aerodynamic systems to reduce CO² emissions by 2.5g. Equipped with a "Touch & Open" surface, it is also communicating and disseminates welcoming or security messages.

Clean Energy Systems Innovation to reduce the carbon impact of vehicles on the environment

With "Water Injection" 15% of CO² consumption and emissions are reduced while boosting engine performance. Also on booth the Tanktronik®, tank for the plug-in hybrid vehicle, which is expected to grow strongly. Plastic Omnium also invests in research into fuel cells and hydrogen. With this technology, vehicles do not emit CO2, only water vapour. Quick to recharge, they offer in only 3 minutes up to 800 km of autonomy. A solution as positive for the planet as it is interesting for manufacturers. The objective is to develop a system at a price equivalent to a current combustion engine in the long term.

Modular innovation

On the modules and front-end, Plastic Omnium relies on HBPO, its 66.67%-owned subsidiary. HBPO's expertise allows up to 70 components to be integrated into a front end module and offers a high degree of model modularity: up to 3000 different configurations can be achieved per model.

The visit of the French President Emmanuel Macron

On October 3, Laurent Burelle presented President Emmanuel Macron, visiting the Paris Motor Show, with Plastic Omnium's latest innovations to promote the clean and connected mobility of tomorrow.

The Paris Motor Show is open until October 14th, it is now time to try out our innovations. RDV Hall 1 - Booth 315 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles.

Photo credits - Matthew Oliver