In 68 years, Plastic Omnium has become one of the world’s leading tier-one supplier of the automotive industry(body component modules, fuel storage and distribution systems) and the world leader in waste management and containerization for local authorities.

    Responding to two major issues:
  • Ever safer, better performing and less polluting cars
  • Growing sustainable cities, their development and design

Two disciplines:

Automotive equipment

Exterior and structural components and fuel and emissions control systems.

Plastic Omnium enable auto manufacturers to meet challenging approaching environmental standards and emissions limits. Plastic Omnium brings new responses to auto manufacturers to reduce vehicle weights and emissions.

Containerization and environment

products and services for urban waste management and installations.

Plastic Omnium help local authorities in their objective to optimize and modernize their containerization, collection and waste management. From indoor and outdoor equipment to maintenance offers, Plastic Omnium objectives are twofold:

  • To rationalize containerization,
  • To optimize costs of waste management

in revenue

in 30 countries
of revenue invested in R&D

Laurent Burelle

Chairman and CEO of Compagnie Plastic Omnium


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