-  12 October 2018

Video: discover how Plastic Omnium fuel cells propel "Race for Water”

The Race for Water boat, powered by renewable energies, travels the world to raise awareness to fight plastic pollution in the oceans and promote the energy transition. Watch this video showing how Plastic Omnium is supporting the boat's adventure with its fuel cells that transform hydrogen into electricity. You can also meet the Race For Water boat on our booth at the Paris Motor Show until October 14th.

The Race for Water odyssey is involved in finding solutions to prevent plastic waste, which today constitutes 80% of marine waste, from reaching the oceans. The aim is to help to recover plastic waste by drawing inspiration from social entrepreneurship and the circular economy. The Race for Water Foundation has thus devised a way to transform wild plastics into energy in order to interest the populations affected by this pollution in their collection, as they already are for the collection of many materials, such as aluminium, paper, cardboard or glass.

Plastic Omnium is committed to protecting the environment  

Symbolically, it also sensitizes the world's population to the need to make the transition to energy with its revolutionary boat powered by solar, wind and hydrogen energy. Indeed, Plastic Omnium fuel cells, thanks to the desalination of seawater, allow the ship to move forward with a 0 impact on the environment. Discover the process by watching this video.

Race for Water at the 2018 Paris Motor Show

To discover the mock-up of the Race for Water odyssey boat and watch this film again, visit our stand at the 2018 Paris Motor Show until October 14.   

Follow the odyssey of the Race for Water Foundation  

Leaving Lorient in 2017, the Race for Water boat will be back home in 2021 after a final visit to Tokyo in 2020. Follow on our website the main steps and its journey on the expedition's blog.

Photo credit : Peter Charaf