-  04 July 2019

Plastic Omnium is strengthening its innovation strategy by opening two new R&D centers in Belgium and China

These two R&D centers confirm Plastic Omnium's commitment to clean, carbon-free mobility.

To meet the challenges of the car of the future, they focus on emissions control and fuel systems, as well as new energies developments.

ω-Omegatech, housing 150 engineers and technicians in Wuhan (China), provides Plastic Omnium with the resources to support its Asian customers in their quest for clean mobility. With already 57 projects in development, ω-Omegatech will support the Group's rapid growth in China, where its fuel systems market share is expected to double to reach 17% by 2022.

Δ-Deltatech, close to Brussels Airport in Belgium, enters service on July 1. Focusing on emissions reduction and fuel systems, it is also the spearhead for research and development into new energies, fuel cells and hydrogen storage. By the end of the year it is expected to house 150 engineers and technicians.

ω-Omegatech and Δ-Deltatech represent a global investment of €100 million.

The reduction of polluting emissions is at the center of Plastic Omnium’s innovation strategy for a cleaner, safer and more connected car.

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