-  09 July 2020

Innovation Awards june 2020

The second edition of the PLASTIC OMNIUM "Innovations Awards" highlights operational excellence, connectivity and clean mobility projects.

After the success of the first edition, the Innovations Awards mobilized this year nearly 670 Group employees, submitting around 178, in 20 countries and 53 sites around the globe. Four selection criteria selected the finalists: the novelty of the project, its maturity, its added value, and finally its environmental impact.

Ten projects have been awarded in the three strategic pillars of the Group: Operational Excellence, Product Innovations and Open Innovation. All underline the increase impact of digitalization to the service of industrial excellence and increased content per vehicle.

Interactive light communication, plastronics, innovative systems in the field of hydrogen…. Special prize for the roof module, embedding and protecting lidars, radars and connectivity. All these projects enrich the Group's offer to support the connected and carbon-free car of tomorrow.

"Once again, the mobilization of the teams and the innovative quality of the projects are great and emphasize the creative spirit which reigns within the Group. Innovation is the lever of our competitiveness and our growth. Congratulations to all! »Félicie Burelle, Deputy CEO.