-  17 October 2018

Sponsor of the Château de Versailles and the Centre Pompidou

October was highlighted by two major events in the world of art for which Plastic Omnium is sponsor: the restoration of the "Salle du Sacre" at the Château de Versailles and the inauguration of the "Le Cubisme" exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

Promoting Plastic Omnium's values

Plastic Omnium is proud of its French roots and its DNA as a pioneer and family company. The company supports initiatives that bring its values to life around the world. Patron of the Château de Versailles and the Centre Pompidou, October 2018, is marked by the completion of two projects to which Plastic Omnium contributed: the restoration of the "Salle du Sacre" at the Château de Versailles and the exhibition "Le Cubisme" to visit at the Centre Pompidou de Paris.

Restoration of the "Salle du Sacre" of the Château de Versailles

The public establishment of the Château, Museum and National Estate of Versailles wished to include in its work plan the restoration of the Salle du Sacre and its painted decorations, located on the first floor of the central body of the Château de Versailles. Its restoration is being undertaken on the occasion of the major exhibition devoted to Louis-Philippe and Versailles, which will be presented at the Château de Versailles until 4 February 2019.

Inauguration of the exhibition Le Cubisme at the Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou offers an original crossing and a complete panorama of one of the founding movements of the history of modern art: cubism (1907-1917).

The first exhibition devoted to this movement in France since 1953, it is rich in 300 pieces and significant documents on the influence of Cubism. They stand out from the masterpieces as well as groups of paintings and sculptures never assembled. Through a journey that informs the general public of the key concepts, tools and procedures that have ensured the unity of cubism, the exhibition highlights the experimental and collective character of this movement, whose revolutionary aesthetics is both the matrix and the language itself of modernity. Exhibition is open until February 25, 2019.

To learn more about Plastic Omnium's CSR approach, consult the report Responsibilities and Commitments.

a painting of an illustration of exhibition Louis Philippe And Versailles

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