-  29 October 2018

CSR: Focus on Plastic Omnium's responsible entrepreneurship

Plastic Omnium's CSR approach is constantly improving. Three areas of focus were identified following a materiality analysis carried out involving 18 stakeholders. Focus on the first of them: responsible entrepreneurship.

Responsible entrepreneurship for business ethics and greater competitiveness.

Plastic Omnium's operators

Uncompromising ethics

By signing the United Nations Global Compact in 2003, Plastic Omnium demonstrated its commitment for making ethics one of the pillars of its operations. Since then, the Group has distributed codes of good conduct for all, as well as ethical management codes for buyers and sales representatives. In 2017, nearly 900 employees received training to protect them from fraud, corruption and competition law violations. 52 independent internal audits, scheduled or surprise, were conducted to ensure compliance with these rules.

An ethic shared with its suppliers

4,000 suppliers already signed the supplier charter deployed by Plastic Omnium in 2016. All are committed to respecting the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and to ensuring that their own partners respect them. They are regularly controlled.

An ethics that integrates data

Protecting systems and data is crucial. To detect risky behaviour in real time, Plastic Omnium has recently set up a Cyber Defense Department and a monitoring center in its departments.

Plastic Omnium's international values

To be a responsible group is also to be a human group and to encourage people to help each other. With its strong roots and values, Plastic Omnium contributes to the promotion of French culture through corporate philanthropy initiatives in France and Europe.

As an innovative automotive equipment supplier, the Group also supports science: universities and other recognized institutions, and revolutionary actions such as the Race for Water odyssey.

In its 26 countries, Plastic Omnium supports local philanthropy to be as useful as possible to economic and social realities. For example, in 2017 during the earthquake in Mexico, Plastic Omnium sites organized to collect basic necessities and donations for the victims.

To learn more about Plastic Omnium's CSR approach, consult the Responsibilities and Commitments Report.