-  28 November 2017

Plastic Omnium invests €20 million in its Research and Development center in Lyon

The objective is to address the challenges of the vehicle of the future.

The new challenges of connected, autonomous and cleaner vehicles motivate the ambitious program to expand and digitize ∑-Sigmatech, the center dedicated to exterior components and modules.

The challenges of the vehicle of the future are multiple and call for new skills: mechatronics, micromechanics, virtual reality and collaborative robot resources. The investment is part of the Group's strategy to build its innovation capacity and it will have reached another technology milestone in its contribution to the automotive revolution currently underway.

In addition to technical equipments, renewed spaces and offices will be built and dedicated to collaborative work and will further develop teamwork between employees, the number of which will be increased from 550 today to 700 in 2020.

The first stept of the expansion project will consist in adding 4,000 m² in the industrial park that will then count 13 000 m². It will integrate new technological tools and strengthen the group's ability to meet the new challenges of the connected, autonomous and cleaner vehicle of tomorrow.

Finally, a "life center" building will be added, which will include reception, restaurant and meeting areas as well as sports facilities.

The total area of the site will increase to 23,000 m2.

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