-  13 December 2017

Plastic Omnium, a growth and innovation strategy - SHAPE THE FUTURE NOW -

To mark its Investor Day, the Group is unveiling its growth and innovation strategy geared towards meeting the new challenges of the connected, autonomous and carbon-free car.

Premium positioning to meet the challenges of the car of tomorrow

Building on the momentum offered by the continuous improvement of its industrial and financial performance, Plastic Omnium is in this way giving itself the means necessary to further accelerate its capacity for innovation so as to meet the challenges represented by the carbon-free, connected and autonomous car of tomorrow. Its ambitious and determined policy will give rise to both new technology investments and strategic acquisitions, as opportunities arise.

In carbon-free cars, Plastic Omnium is positioned as a player of storage for each form of energy, developing specific solutions for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), turbocharged engine vehicles and electric vehicles. The Group has also become involved in fuel cell propulsion.

For the connected and autonomous car, Plastic Omnium is positioning itself as the integrator of connectivity by developing its innovation capacity in complex modules that integrate radar and sensors in the exterior parts. By 2025, smart bumpers and smart tailgates will represent greater added value and embedded intelligence.

Find out how these new positions will enable Plastic Omnium to pursue long-term profitable and value-creating growth.

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Plastic Omnium, a growth and innovation strategy - SHAPE THE FUTURE NOW -