-  25 October 2018

Revenue at September 30, 2018: €5,858 million, +3.6%

Strategic positioning of the Group as an automotive pure player with the acquisition of the world leader of front-end modules, HBPO, and the on-going disposal of the Environment Division.

Revenue1 growth of 3.6% over the first nine months of the year and 15.7% over the third quarter.

Considering the evolution of market conditions, the Group forecasts for 2018 (and in comparison to 2017 IFRS 5 data):
- a growth in revenue1 of at least 5% (ie proforma4 revenue1 of around €8.9 billion euros);
- a 2018 operating result comparable to that of 2017;
- a sharp increase in net result group share following scope effects;
- a triple-digit free cash-flow.

Investor Day held on December 13, 2018 at α-Alphatech (Compiègne, France) to present the Group's growth and innovation strategy in its new scope of activities.

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1 The economic revenue reflects the Group's operational and managerial reality. It corresponds to the consolidated sales plus the sales of the Group's joint ventures at the Group's percentage stake: BPO (50%) and YFPO (50%) and HBPO for 33.33% until its full consolidation on July 1st, 2018.
4 Proforma economic revenue includes 100% of Plastic Omnium Modules' revenue at January 1st, 2018 and does not include Plastic Omnium Environment's revenue.