-  21 January 2019

Plastic Omnium and Hella sign a strategic partnership on integrated car body lighting

Plastic Omnium and HELLA announce the launch of an innovative co-development project on integrated solutions, combining exterior body parts and lighting. HELLA is a leading, global, family-owned Company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, developing and manufacturing lighting technology and electronic products for the automotive industry.

The collaboration, involving engineering and design experts from both companies and based in Germany, will be focused on jointly developing new systems integrating innovative lighting technologies, and intelligent exterior systems, at the front and at the rear of the car.

“This new partnership between Plastic Omnium and HELLA, will provide the market with combined technologies and solutions, bringing together the best of the know-how on both companies on new styling and advanced functionalities for the body exterior. This will enhance the offer towards our customers in the fields of smart bumpers and tailgates, enriched with communication and lighting features” says Laurent Burelle, Chairman and CEO of Plastic Omnium.

"Lighting is shaping the vehicle design more than ever. The demand for individualization and differentiation will continue to grow in the future. Additionally, lighting can also contribute to communication and safety in automated driving scenarios," said HELLA CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach. "By further deepening the collaboration with our long-standing partner Plastic Omnium, we will have additional opportunities to further drive these market trends and offer our customers new levels of freedom in terms of functionality and design."

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In the foreground:
Christopher Mokwa, HELLA-Senior VP Corporate Strategy and M&A,
Félicie Burelle, PLASTIC OMNIUM-Senior Executive VP Strategy and Development

In the background:
Laurent Burelle, PLASTIC OMNIUM-Chairman & CEO,
Dr Rolf Breidenbach, HELLA-CEO