The automobile industry is undergoing profound transformation. As a family-owned independent company, Plastic Omnium has the agility and expertise needed to take up all the new challenges.

A board of directors that ensures freedom of decision

The Board of Directors acts in the interest of Plastic Omnium, its shareholders and stakeholders while respecting all measures of ethical conduct and transparency. The Board is a collective body that strikes a balance between Burelle family representatives and independent directors: 16 board members with a complementary array of managerial, industrial and financial skills.

Laurent Burelle

Director since 1981

Chairman of Compagnie Plastic Omnium SE
Chairman and CEO of Burelle SA

Laurent Favre

Director since 2020

Chief Executive Officer of
Compagnie Plastic Omnium SE

Félicie Burelle

Director since 2017

Managing Director of
Compagnie Plastic Omnium SE

Anne Asensio

Director since 2011

Member of
the Compensation Committee

Martina Buchhauser

Director since April 21, 2022

Amandine Chaffois

Director representing employees since 2019

Anne-Marie Couderc

Director since 2010

Chairwoman of
the Compensation Committee
and the Appointments Committee

Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk

Director since 2009

Member of
the Compensation Committee

lreneusz Karolak

Director representing employees since 2019

Vincent Labruyère

Director since 2002

Chairman of
the Audit Committee

Eliane Lemarié

Director since 2009

Permanent representative of
Burelle SA
Member of the Appointments Committee

Paul Henry Lemarié

Director since 1987

Chief Operating Officer of
Burelle SA

Lucie Maurel Aubert

Director since 2015

Member of the Audit Committee and the Appointments Committee

Alexandre Mérieux

Director since 2018

Cécile Moutet

Director since 2017

Jean Burelle


Honorary Chairman of
Compagnie Plastic Omnium SE

Executive Committee

Laurent Favre

Chief Executive Officer

Félicie Burelle

Managing Director

Rodolphe Lapillonne

Senior Executive VP
Chief Purchasing Performance Officer

Kathleen Wantz-O’Rourke

Chief Financial Officer and Information Systems Officer

Stéphane Noël

President and CEO
Intelligent Exterior Systems
President and CEO Lighting ad interim

Christian Kopp

President and CEO
Clean Energy Systems

Martin Schüler

President and CEO HBPO

Marc Perraudin*

Chief Executive Officer New Energies
*Associate member

Valérie Bros

Corporate Secretary
and Executive Vice-President
Legal Affairs

David Meneses

Executive Vice-President
People & Sustainability

Alexandre Corjon

Executive Vice-President for Innovation

Cécile Canet-Teil*

Vice-President Corporate Communications
*Associate Member

Damien Degos*

Executive Vice-President Group Purchasing Performance
*Associate Member