Plastic Omnium and Brose partner  on innovative side-door systems

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As the effects of these regulatory pressures are felt in the market, Plastic Omnium, a major automotive equipment supplier, major player in clean mobility, actively supports its customers in complying with new emissions regulations.

With an international footprint, operating in key major markets, Plastic Omnium serves automakers through its capacity for innovation, focused on vehicle light- weighting, design freedom and emissions reduction.

-  12 December 2018

Plastic Omnium and Brose partner on innovative side-door systems

Plastic Omnium and Brose announce the launch of an innovative co-development project on automotive side-doors. Brose, leading family-owned automotive supplier headquartered in Coburg, Germany, is specialized in mechatronic systems for vehicle doors and seats.

The collaboration, involving engineering and design experts from both companies working in a newly established technical and program office in Nuremberg, Germany, consists in jointly developing a new hybrid door systems to anticipate future needs of our customers. Plastic Omnium provides its technological know-how in body panels, crash and system design for car exterior and BROSE contributes its innovative solutions in the field of mechatronics and door systems.
“Incorporating Plastic Omnium and Brose technologies and know-how, will allow offering new styling, new functions and new vehicle assembly strategies. We thus intend to meet the challenges facing autonomous vehicles and to enhance driver and passenger safety and comfort” agreed Laurent Burelle, Chairman and CEO of Plastic Omnium and Kurt Sauernheimer, CEO of Brose.

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