Innovation is in the Group’s DNA.
Firmly committed to the technology and energy transitions in the automotive industry, Plastic Omnium places innovation at the heart of its strategy and is developing solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility.


Building the car of the future

Plastic Omnium’s contribution to technological disruption in the sector is based on excellence in R&D, with 45 standard-setting research centers and a strategy of targeted open innovation.
With 2,500 engineers and 4.5% of revenue being invested in R&D, we create transformative innovations with a single objective: to create the clean, connected car.

Emission reduction, aerodynamics, connectivity, function integration modularity and personalization: discover our range of innovations.

R&D by our engineers

An international R&D footprint

With 150 production plants and 43 R&D centers in 25 countries, Plastic Omnium has formed a global industrial and research network closely focused on the needs of its 93 customers.

Strategic locations – three high-tech
centers inventing the car of the future


Co-building the sustainable mobility of the future

In response to the autonomous, connected and low-carbon car revolution, Plastic Omnium, a market leader in its technology sectors, constantly reinforces its capacity for innovation.
The Group works in Open Innovation mode with a whole ecosystem of startups, major technology universities and engineering schools, overseen by the Group’s CASA (Committee for Automotive Strategic Analysis), which brings together internal and external experts. Scientific and technical partnerships are regularly established with the most successful organizations.