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-  21 July 2017

First-half 2017: strong growth in revenue and results 2021 revenue above €10 billion

Results for the first half of 2017 show high growth in economic revenue, above €4 billion. The rise in operating income reflects the nonstop improvement in our industrial performance and high workloads for plants. The streamlining of the exterior body parts business acquired in 2016 is going ahead to plan. The Group's net profit has risen by 35% and our financial structure continues to strenghten.

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-  03 July 2017

Disposal of the Truck business

On June 30, 2017, Plastic Omnium definitively sold its Truck composites business to the German group mutares AG.
This body parts and structure design and manufacturing business for the truck industry, which employs 1,500 people, had revenue of approx. €200 million in 2016 for its 9 production sites (5 in France, 1 in Germany, 1 in Mexico and 2 in China). Its sale will have an accretive impact on the Group's profitability.

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-  03 July 2017

Plastic Omnium 2017 First-Half results (online conference)

Plastic Omnium 2017 First-Half results will be presented during an online conference on Friday, July 21th, 2017 at 08:30 am (Paris time).

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-  19 June 2017

€500 million 7-year 1.25% bond issue

Compagnie Plastic Omnium today completed a €500 million 7-year 1.25% bond issue for European investors, without covenants or ratings.
The net proceeds of the issue will be used to meet the Group’s general financing needs as part of its profitable and independent growth strategy, based on globalization and innovation. It will strengthen the Group’s debt structure by extending the average maturity of its debt and diversifying its sources of financing.

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-  22 May 2017

Plastic Omnium opens its Automotive Strategic Advisory Committee to external internationally recognized experts to accelerate the pace of innovation

Plastic Omnium opens its Automotive Strategic Advisory Committee to external members who will provide authoritative advice and guidance to foster PO’s innovation patterns. This committee, created in 2011 and led by Plastic Omnium’s Scientific Director, supports the development of a comprehensive policy approach on open innovation, collaboration and cross-fertilisation, private and public partnerships, and technology transfer.
In addition to Plastic Omnium R&D VPs, this Advisory Committee hosts eminent, internationally recognised figures from the academic world, research and industry.

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