Discover our disruptive innovation, the new generation of front-end modules, unveiled during IAA Mobility 2021!

Always in front with HBPO

Plastic Omnium, through its 66.66 percent-owned joint venture HBPO, is the world leader in front-end modules. Modularization, flexibility and just-in-sequence delivery are the Group’s strengths in this field, recently extended to internal module solutions such as center consoles and cockpit modules.


The front-end module is a key design element for a vehicle and its identity. The module’s outline contributes to the vehicle’s characteristic look, while the equipment it contains adds directly to its safety and reliable operation.

From design to development, through assembly and logistics operations, the Group’s solutions are tailored for each customer, including over 140 parts and allowing for over 15,000 different combinations for the same car model.

Every sixth front-end module globally is produced by HBPO
Up to 15,000 variants for one front-end module
Up to 140 parts per front-end module
Optimizes the drag coefficient
Reduces vehicle CO2 emissions by up to 2%
Applicable on all types of engines


Active Grille Shutters are key components for the aerodynamics in the front part of the vehicle, designed to improve fuel efficiency by reducing air drag.
At high speeds, the shutters automatically close, redirecting air away from the engine compartment and thus enhancing the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance. When the engine heats up, the shutters open, allowing air to flow through the engine compartment and cool down the engine.

Active Rollo

The HBPO Active Rollo is a further development of the Active Grille Shutter, using a thin textile instead of moving plastic parts. Designed to improve vehicle aerodynamics and help reduce drag and tractive resistance, the Active Rollo contributes to reduced vehicle consumption and indirectly to reducing CO2 emissions, as well as allowing longer range in electric vehicles.

Applicable on all types of engines
Solution for vehicles with limited space
Improves vehicle’s fuel consumption
with a similar increase in efficiency to AGS
Highly demanding interior
Challenging logistics
Up to 150 parts per cockpit module


For safety and comfort reasons, the interior is one of the most important elements in vehicle design. It has exacting requirements for design elements such as colors or sensitive surfaces and in electronics for the navigation system and infotainment. The cockpit as well as the center console play a major role in the car maker’s signature, making the end quality of these products absolutely essential.