Human Resources Management


Stimulating and enhancing our talent

With 31,000 employees and 122 plants around the world Plastic Omnium has steadfastly continued the same powerful values throughout its history. Founded as a manufacturing company, it has always focused on growth and constantly invested to remain on the cutting edge of innovation.







From their initial orientation through each decisive stage in their careers, Plastic Omnium employees know they can rely on a management team that is concerned about their development and determined to help them achieve their full potential.

  • Empowering employees: Measures to empower employees clearly show the relations of trust that exist within Plastic Omnium. Very early on, they are encouraged to make decisions and take initiatives.

  • Helping individuals meet their objectives: Employees are given the freedom and responsibility to manage their own development. At the same time, their supervisors provide the resources that enable them to achieve their goals. At annual performance reviews, a mutual commitment contract is prepared that addresses employees’ training needs to help them reach their objectives.

  • Listening & Focusing on Dialogue: Open, constructive dialogue with employee representatives enhances the overall work atmosphere in an increasingly decentralized organization.
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Relations between Plastic Omnium and its internal and external stakeholders must comply with ethical guidelines that are clearly presented in the Code of Conduct. Other commitments have been made through the Company’s participation in the United Nations Global Compact.

The Code of Conduct clearly presents its requirements in such areas as health, workplace safety, equal employment, confidentiality, the protection of corporate assets, and respect for competition rules. In addition to expressing the Company’s core values, environmental priorities and respect for the rule of law, the Code is also seen as a key success driver.

The Global Compact requires Plastic Omnium to release a report every year on its compliance with the initiative’s ten principles. Derived from such documents as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

The Code of Conduct is available in 22 languages.

Employees plant Plastic Omnium

Plastic Omnium is committed to hire both recent graduates with solid educational backgrounds and more experienced employees who bring with them expertise and managerial skills.

  • Plastic Omnium welcomes interns and trainees to its facilities around the world. Plastic Omnium hosts degree-granting apprenticeship and work-study programs.

  • Since Plastic Omnium must constantly reinforce its teams and continue delivering skills and capabilities in an ever-changing world, hundreds of new employees are hired every year with expertise in injection, paint and assembly – as well as in R&D, purchasing, logistics, sales and marketing, IT systems, financial management and human resources.