Emissions reduction

Reducing emissions

End-user vehicle selection criteria are changing, with more emphasis on safety and connectivity, as well as economics and the environment. Plastic Omnium, a leading player in its fields, explores new design solutions for more sustainable cars.

The reduction in weight of vehicle body parts

The reduction in weight of vehicle body parts requires completely rethinking the design, a key expertise through which Plastic Omnium serves its customers.

The solutions developed by its engineers enable reductions of up to 40% in the weight of body components, compared with steel parts. Solutions to optimize passive and active aerodynamics allow reductions of more than 3g CO2/km.

High performance composites

High performance composites is another innovation area being developed by Plastic Omnium: lighter than aluminum iso-function, with excellent mechanical performance and resistance to high temperatures, composite structural parts reinforced with carbon or glass fibers can generate an overall weight reduction of up to 50kg, reducing CO2 emissions by around 5g/km.

Plastic fuel tank systems

Plastic fuel tank systems present the perfect combination of safety, cost and weight performance (a 30% to 40% weight improvement compared with steel technologies).

Plastic Omnium offers solutions specifically adapted for hybrid vehicles, in particular INWIN, an enhanced fuel tank system for optimal management of fuel vapors;
TANKTRONIC®, an intelligent fuel system control device with a wide, pure electric autonomy.

INWIN and TANKTRONIC® solutions are based on the filing of 64 patents by Plastic Omnium.


SCR is an effective and recognized technology for diesel vehicle exhaust emissions reduction. It consists of a urea solution sprayed within the exhaust line, which causes a chemical reaction upon contact with the gases created by diesel combustion, transforming the nitrogen oxide pollutants into nitrogen and water vapor.

In total, Plastic Omnium has filed more than 310 patents on its various SCR solutions.

Our solutions for more sustainable cars

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