Freedom of design

Freedom of design

Plastic has achieved superior performance compared with other materials:

- reducing the weight of components by 30% on average compared to steel
- integration of functions
- processing flexibility and design freedom
- impact and fire resistance, durability and noise mitigation

Plastic Omnium solutions also offer electro magnetic transparency, responding to a changing market that requires increasing integration of radar systems, antennas, parking aids…

Freedom of Design

Plastic Omnium’s unique expertise in the field of injection and painting, combined with a network of “best in class“ plants, provides automakers with multiple choices for bumpers, tailgates, spoilers and body parts.

Plastic Omnium’s expertise in engineering and industrial production offers unprecedented freedom for designers, enabling them to differentiate their vehicles and better adapt them to meet customer preferences.

Function integration

Freedom of design is also provided to manufacturers through Plastic Omnium’s ability to integrate functions in the components and modules it designs and produces.

The company offers pre-equipped modular solutions to meet growing demands from the automotive industry for increasingly differentiated vehicles with ever more variations and options.

Plastic Omnium Plastic tanks benefits

Plastic Omnium is the first manufacturer to have used blow molding techniques for plastic fuel tank systems, which enable the production of hollow-bodied complex shapes in a single operation.

Today, over 70% of newly produced vehicles worldwide are equipped with a plastic fuel tank system as a result of its intrinsic benefits, including 30% weight reduction and design freedom that provides great freedom to adapt to the constraints of the chassis.

Noise Reduction

Like emissions, noise reduction is a key challenge in vehicle design and is essential to passenger comfort.

While the most obvious sounds have been identified, hybrid vehicles, because they are quieter, have more subtle noises related to aerodynamics, rolling and the movement of the fuel inside the tank.

Plastic Omnium has developed a wide range of INBAFFLE antislosh noise devices: 24 patents filed.

Performance and modularity

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