CSR: focus on the attention paid to employees


Ever since Top Planet program in 2008, our industrial values of a family owned business are focused on providing security for all. In 2018, and based ont its new Materiality Matrix, Plastic Omnium has structured more globally its Corporate Social Responsibily (CSR) around 3 main axes.
Plastic Omnium has been evaluated by external experts: RobecoSam rates the Group at the 7th rank of Automotive suppliers, and Ecovadis awards the Gold Level.

-  05 November 2018

CSR: focus on the attention paid to employees

Plastic Omnium's CSR approach is constantly being improved. Three areas of focus have been identified following a materiality analysis. Attention paid to employees is the second one.

Attention to employees, a complementary aspect of a dynamic HR policy

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To support its growth, Plastic Omnium will recruit 3000 engineers and managers by 2021. The HR policy that the group is implementing enables it to confirm its position as an attractive employer. It is divided into 4 main categories:

1 - Safety: ambition zero accidents

At Plastic Omnium, the safety and health of employees is essential. The commitment, written into the company's Code of Conduct, is supported by all. The "Top Safety" program, managed by the EHS department, requires sites to be OHSAS 18001 certified and to observe 6 mandatory rules. In August on World Safety Day, an international internal event, employees are trained in safety and good practices.

As a result, in 10 years, there are 10 times fewer accidents. The objective? To achieve an accident frequency rate (TF2) of 1 in 2020.

2 - Equal opportunities: ever more effective

The Equal Opportunities section covers, among other things, disability policy and the feminization of managers. Led by a dedicated organisation and relayed on the sites by HR representatives, the Handicap policy aims to encourage disabled people to remain in employment on sites, to provide them suitable working conditions or to make it possible to welcome new employees with disabilities.

The feminization of managerial positions is also changing, with 184 women managers joining the Group in 2017. They represent 21% of the executive workforce.

3 - Employability: promising external recruitment and internal mobility programs

In 2017, 746 managers and engineers joined the group. Plastic Omnium participated in 80 school relations events and signed nearly 400 work-study, VIE and apprenticeship contracts. More than half of them continued the adventure on a cdd or cdi contract.Internal mobility is encouraged. 75% of management positions were filled internally and 108 employees benefited from international mobility.

3 - Well-being at work: a common consideration on every continent

Teleworking, nursery or caretaker services, sports activities, etc. All over the world, Plastic Omnium seeks to improve working conditions and the well-being of its employees. The measurements, in test, vary from one country to another. This also includes optimizing the ergonomics of a workstation.

To learn more about Plastic Omnium's CSR approach, consult the document Responsibilities and Commitments and discover the first area of focus: responsible entrepreneurship.