CSR : a responsible production


Ever since Top Planet program in 2008, our industrial values of a family owned business are focused on providing security for all. In 2018, and based ont its new Materiality Matrix, Plastic Omnium has structured more globally its Corporate Social Responsibily (CSR) around 3 main axes.
Plastic Omnium has been evaluated by external experts: RobecoSam rates the Group at the 7th rank of Automotive suppliers, and Ecovadis awards the Gold Level.

-  12 November 2018

CSR : a responsible production

Plastic Omnium's CSR approach is constantly being improved. Three areas of focus have been identified following a materiality analysis. Focus on the third of these priorities: sustainable production.

Sustainable and responsible production

Plastic Omnium also involves all its plants around the world to minimize its environmental impact, thanks to its "Top Planet" program launched in 2008. The action is divided into 4 axes.

1 - ISO 14001 certification

At the end of 2017, 90% of Plastic Omnium's industrial facilities were ISO 14001 certified. This environmental management system guarantees the limitation of impacts on the environment and biodiversity. It requires training and education. In 2017, 32,800 hours of environmental awareness and training were provided. The next step is ISO 50001 certification. 24 European sites are already certified and 15 others are aiming for certification by 2020. The goal: to reduce the company's energy bill and environmental footprint and improve its competitiveness.

2 - Climate

Plastic Omnium continuously monitors the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from its plants, their energy consumption and incorporates energy performance into their equipment purchases. To reduce the impact of transport, the sites are as close as possible to the manufacturers' factories. Top Planet Awards are given each year to reward the best performing sites. In 2017, €10 million were invested in the environment and safety.

3 - Waste reduction

71% of material waste is reintroduced into production cycles when 18% is recovered and reused or incinerated to produce energy, representing 89% of the waste. Each year the percentage of final waste decreases, and stands at 11% in 2017.

4 - Air and water quality inside and outside sites

Plastic Omnium maintains good air quality inside and outside its plants. The products used in production are as low-emitting as possible. Water, which comes 97% from the urban network, is used in a closed circuit and does not discharge any effluent.

Plastic Omnium is already committed to the sustainable and responsible production of tomorrow by opening its plant 4.0 in Greer, South Carolina (United States). Its machines, which consume less energy and emit less greenhouse gases, combine performance with environmental responsibility.

To learn more about the responsible production of Plastic Omnium, read the Responsability and Engagement report.