Plastic Omnium wins a new contract for hydrogen storage

Plastic Omnium is awarded a contract to develop and manufacture hydrogen storage systems for the Dutch manufacturer VDL as part of H2HAUL, a European project dedicated to deploying zero-emission hydrogen-based mobility solutions in the road transportation sector.
By 2021, Plastic Omnium will supply a complete system for trucks to be manufactured by VDL, comprising seven tanks storing 40 kg of hydrogen at 350 bars.

The H2HAUL (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks for Heavy Duty Zero Emission Logistics) project is a consortium subsidized by the European Union with 15 partners, aiming at developing, certifying and operating three new types of hydrogen trucks while also enhancing the supply infrastructure.
As of 2021, VDL will be delivering 4 of the 16 trucks in the H2Haul project. VDL is a Dutch Heavy Duty vehicle manufacturer based in Eindhoven, with a strong focus on new forms of mobility, and working closely with DAF to equip trucks with zero emission drivelines.
All the trucks in this project will be traveling several millions kilometers to demonstrate the sound technical and economical case for hydrogen in the long-distance transportation sector, ultimately leading to the manufacturing of significant volumes of trucks in Europe.

This contract with VDL, represents a further success for the Group following the order of 350-bar bus tanks for a German manufacturer in late 2019 and the certification of its 350- and 700-bar tanks.

Plastic Omnium has also confirmed its commitment to promoting hydrogen by joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, recently created by the European Union to help achieve its Green Deal goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Group estimates the production will grow up to 2 million vehicles in 2030. Plastic Omnium is accelerating its investments to be a leader in zero-carbon hydrogen-fueled mobility solutions, from storage to fuel cell systems.

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