Shaped by innovation, investment and international success, Plastic Omnium’s history began in 1946.

In the second half of the 20th century, the company diversified its operations, increased its manufacturing and commercial presence outside France, expanded its offering for public authorities and developed its two core businesses, while stepping up investment programs to develop innovative products and services.

Since 2000, Plastic Omnium has nearly quintupled its revenue while consolidating its positions in its Environment and Automotive businesses. The Company’s growth is also driven by targeted acquisitions that expand the offering and extend the customer portfolio.



Creation of Plastic Omnium in Paris

Plastic Omnium, an innovative and specialized company founded at 33 rue du Louvre in Paris by Pierre Burelle



First plant built in Langres, France

First plant Langres Plastic Omnium


Acquisition of Union Mutuelle des Proprietaires Lyonnais,

a sanitation and cleaning company.

Creation of the Environment division



Creation of the logo by Raymond Loewy upon the request of Pierre Burelle

Founding President Pierre Burelle Plastic Omnium
USA plant Plastic Omnium


First developments in International markets

in Spain (1970), in Germany (1972), in the United Kingdom (1973) and in the United States (1973)



Automotive operations double in size and a new fuel tank business is created

Acquisition of France’s Landry and Techno-Plaste Industrie

Landry plant Plastic Omnium
Jean Burelle BURELLE SA


Jean Burelle becomes president of Plastic Omnium



The Group speeds up its international development



Acquisition of Reydel Industries,

French manufacturer of interior equipment: consoles and dashboards. Business sold to Visteon in 1999.



Creation of Inergy Automotive Systems

with Belgium’s Solvay, the world’s leading producer of fuel systems

Plastic Omnium Fuel systems
Laurent Burelle Plastic Omnium


Laurent Burelle becomes president of Plastic Omnium



Inauguration of the new International R&D center, Σ-Sigmatech in Lyon, for Auto Exterior Division

Acquisition of Beauvais Diffusion in the Environment Division

Sigmatech R&D Plastic Omnium


Creation of HBPO

the world leader in front-end modules, with German OEMs Hella and Behr

Acquisition of France’s TEMACO,

specialized in wheeled waste collection bins

Hella Behr Plastic Omnium - Temaco Plastic Omnium


Acquisition of a controlling interest in Inoplast

A European leader in composite components

Creation of XieNO,

a joint venture between Inoplast and Chinese OEM Xietong

XieNo Plastic Omnium Composite - Inoplast Plastic Omnium Composite


Environment Division expands with 2 acquisitions

Compagnie Signature, a major player in road signage business and Sulo Environmental Technology, a leading European producer of household waste containers

Auto Exterior Division

pursues its development in China with the creation of YFPO and in India, with the creation of PO Varroc

Sulo Plastic Omnium - YangFeng Plastic Omnium


Acquisition of all outstanding shares in Inergy Automotive Systems



Development of Environment’s Division with the acquisition of German ROTHERM

European leader in underground containers

Acquisition of Ford’s fuel system business in the US

Increased industrial capacities with the acquisition of Plastal Poland

reflecting the success of the company in Eastern Europe in exterior auto parts

Rotherm Plastic Omnium - Plastal Plastic Omnium


Plastic Omnium strengthens its manufacturing and marketing operations in the BRICs

- In fuel systems, for Auto Inergy
Majority Owned joint venture with BAIC in China
Majority Owned joint venture with DSK in Russia

- In bumpers for Auto Exterior
Acquisition of 100% of the joint venture in India

Environment Division expands its marketing presence outside Western Europe in Rio de Janeiro, Malaysia, Budapest…

In March 2012, disposal of the road signage businesses in France and Germany



2 R&D centers opening for Auto Exterior Division in Slovakia and in China

50th anniversary of The Langres Plants



1 new R&D center of Auto Inergy Division in Compiègne, France, α-ALPHATECH

4 new plants in china bringing the total to 21



Continued its development strategy in dynamic markets by opening nine plants in China, the United States, Germany, South Korea and Russia

November, Inauguration a new development center for its automotive division in Tokyo

December, the Group announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Faurecia Group to acquire its Exterior Systems business (bumpers and front-end modules) for a enterprise value of €665 million