Plastic Omnium - 2020 Universal Registration Document

STATEMENT OF NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE The ACT FOR ALL TM program PLASTIC OMNIUM UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2020 148 $ $ " $ !" " 4.6 SUSTAINABILITY GOVERNANCE: THE ACT FOR ALL TM COMMITTEE Plastic Omnium’s sustainability policy is a key factor in its performance and excellence. It is fully incorporated into the Group’s strategy, enabling it to position itself as a major player in the automotive industry and to promote sustainable mobility. The Group formalized its sustainability commitment as part of a worldwide program called ACT FOR ALL TM . This program, aimed at achieving ambitious objectives, is steered by a dedicated committee bringing together the various Group entities and regular reporting. The ACT FOR ALL TM Committee, which meets twice a year and is comprised of members of the Executive Committee, business line directors and Heads of support functions (Human Resources, Sustainable Development, R&D, Compliance). It aims to mobilize all internal and external stakeholders around three pillars: pillar 1: a responsible company. Plastic Omnium promotes its Codes of ● Conduct. Ethics are the pillar of its responsible performance; pillar 2: care for people. Plastic Omnium strives to provide safe, healthy ● and fair working conditions for all its employees and to offer them career and commitment prospects; pillar 3: sustainable production. Plastic Omnium strives to preserve the ● planet for future generations by reducing the impact of its businesses on the environment. Processes from design to manufacturing are reviewed in order to reduce the impact of its production methods and tools. On the product side, Plastic Omnium works to promote eco-design of its products and the development of clean mobility solutions. The ACT FOR ALL TM day The ACT FOR ALL TM day asks employees to pause from their usual activities to discuss sustainability. This discussion time brings the teams together around the projects carried out and the Group’s objectives to promote sustainability. Maintained despite the current context, its organization has been adapted to ensure compliance with health regulations. The ACT FOR ALL TM day was spread over a week in order to adapt to health and operational requirements. More than 30,000 people were invited to talk about sustainability. Temporary employees and subcontractors were included in the event. To announce and launch this 2020 Day, a communication campaign, organized in September, focused on five strong sustainability themes for the Group: green energy, gender diversity, business ethics, safety and the Covid-19 fund. Despite the health context, it was important for Management to carry on with this event in November 2020 to reaffirm the importance of sustainability commitments for the Group. Employees met virtually around a pre-recorded message from Laurent Favre and Félicie Burelle, an ACT FOR ALL TM quiz and a film presenting the best initiatives taken under the program. The virtual space dedicated to the event, Hive Sphere, gathered 5,407 members and 1,292 messages and 8,680 discussions.