Plastic Omnium - 2020 Universal Registration Document

PRESENTATION OF PLASTIC OMNIUM AND ITS BUSINESSES Significant events PLASTIC OMNIUM UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2020 54 Acceleration of electric vehicle launches and hydrogen strategy Numerous new programs for 100% electric vehicles are coming on stream. In recent months, Plastic Omnium has had many commercial successes with the new 100% electric range of its regular customers, in particular: Taycan – Porsche: front-end modules and first cockpit modules ● (Germany); E-tron – Audi: front and rear bumpers (Belgium and China) and ● front-end modules (Belgium); ID-3/ID-4 – Volkswagen: front-end modules, innovative active grille ● systems and center consoles (Germany) and front and rear bumpers and tailgates (China – ID4); EQA-Daimler – front and rear bumpers, front-end modules, spoilers, ● wheel arches and rocket panels (Germany). AMI - Citroën: all exterior vehicle parts (Morocco); ● Lyriq-Cadillac: front and rear bumpers, tailgates (United States); ● E100 - SsangYong: front-end modules (South Korea). ● The Group is also positioning itself among 100% electric players: Tesla models: front and rear bumpers (China) and front-end modules ● (North America and China); Polestar 1 and Polestar 2: front and rear bumpers (China); ● Lucid Air: front and rear bumpers (United States); ● Rivian: front-end modules for the pick-ups and front grille systems for ● vans (Canada/United States). Amazon - Rivian vans: active front grille shutters (Canada/United ● States). In terms of hybrid vehicles, Plastic Omnium has won: its first pre-development contract with an American OEM for a ● Tanktronic ® pressurized tank (fuel system designed to withstand increases in gasoline vapor pressure when the vehicle is running in electric mode), which will be used in a new plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) produced in Europe; a second pre-development Tanktronic ® contract with an Asian OEM. ● Initially dedicated to the architecture of a PHEV vehicle, it will be rolled out in 2021 across all the carmaker’s hybrid vehicles. In the field of hydrogen: Plastic Omnium obtained certifications for its 200-, 350- and 700-bar ● vessels; in 2020, the Group won a contract to develop vessels for buses with a ● German customer, for production at the end of 2021. It also won a contract to develop and produce hydrogen storage systems for the Dutch heavy goods vehicle manufacturer VDL, as part of the European project H2HAUL. This project is intended to deploy zero-emission hydrogen mobility in the road transport sector in 2021 ; Plastic Omnium has become a partner of Mission H24 and the ● exclusive supplier of the hydrogen storage system for cars competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2024. To achieve this objective, the Group will equip the racing prototypes developed by MissionH24 with hydrogen storage systems until 2024. The work will be conducted in private trials as well as in races, in order to demonstrate the potential of zero-emission hydrogen technology. Plastic Omnium and ElringKlinger created a fuel cell joint venture to accelerate the development of hydrogen mobility In the sustainable mobility of tomorrow, hydrogen will play a major role. Convinced of the promising future of this zero-emission technology, Plastic Omnium and ElringKlinger – two leading automotive suppliers in their respective fields – signed an agreement on October 28, 2020 to take fuel cell technology to the next level. To achieve this, they will create EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies, a joint venture dedicated to the development, production and marketing of fuel cell stacks. EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies will offer its product range to a wide range of customers including hydrogen systems integrators. The EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies joint venture will be owned 60% by ElringKlinger and 40% by Plastic Omnium. ElringKlinger will bring its fuel cell business, more than twenty years of know-how and R&D capabilities, giving a large development potential. This business employs more than 150 people and holds a portfolio of more than 150 patents in fuel cell components and several high power density fuel cell platforms, already marketed and manufactured at its Dettingen/Erms site (Bade-Württemberg), where the joint venture will also have its registered office. The annual production capacity of the joint venture, initially able to reach 10,000 units per year, will be gradually increased based on the order book. Plastic Omnium will invest €100 million in the new company, to accelerate innovation, develop new business opportunities and increase production capacities. The Group, a global leader in energy storage and emissions reduction systems, will also contribute to the development of the joint venture through its portfolio of international customers, its global presence and its technological expertise in hydrogen storage and hydrogen systems. This industrial and technological partnership will enable EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies to develop even further and more rapidly, based on major ambitions. EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies aims to secure a market share of between 10 and 15% of the fuel cell market by 2030, which will represent revenue of between €700 million and €1 billion. This objective assumes the development of a worldwide industrial footprint and is based on the current capacity for the mass production of fuel cell stacks in line with automotive standards. The two partners also signed an agreement for the acquisition, by Plastic Omnium, of ElringKlinger Fuelcell Systems Austria GmbH (EKAT), an Austrian subsidiary of ElringKlinger specializing in integrated hydrogen systems, for an enterprise value of €15 million. This acquisition strengthens Plastic Omnium’s expertise in energy control in fuel cell systems (balance of plant). Both agreements are subject to competition authorities and the customary legal requirements. They have been approved on March 1, 2021. Plastic Omnium aims for world leadership in hydrogen mobility Plastic Omnium presented its strategic vision for hydrogen mobility at a digital conference on November 25, 2020. Significant commitment to hydrogen-powered clean mobility since ● 2015: €200 million already invested, and an additional €115 million recently announced for the fuel cell stack Convinced that hydrogen will play a key role in tomorrow’s clean mobility, Plastic Omnium has invested €200 million in hydrogen technologies since 2015. Over the past five years, the Group has built up Research and Development resources in Europe and China, acquired Optimum CPV (hydrogen vessels) and Swiss Hydrogen (integrated hydrogen system) and created an Open Innovation ecosystem (venture capital with AP Ventures, Hydrogen Council membership, etc.) to extend its expertise in each segment of the hydrogen industry. In October 2020, the Group announced the creation, with the German supplier ElringKlinger, of a joint venture called EKPO Fuel Cell