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The Future of Eco-designed Vehicles

Plastic Omnium launches an Open Innovation Challenge to reinvent mobility

As a leader in sustainable and connected mobility, Plastic Omnium organizes the Innovation Challenge “ The Future of Eco-designed Vehicles ”, in partnership with SoScience. Its objective is to accelerate innovation leveraging collective intelligence, through an open innovation approach.

Participants are invited to address the question: ” How do we double the average lifespan of vehicles while reducing their environmental impact and maintaining their value through modular and upgradable design ? ”.

By the end of 2022, three winning projects will be financed by Plastic Omnium and will benefit from dedicated coaching for at least six months! Shape a more sustainable mobility!

Join Plastic Omnium Innovation Challenge before October 2 2022.


Abla Steinmetz wins 2022 “Woman in Industry” Award

During the Women of Industry Awards ceremony organized by l’Usine Nouvelle in Paris. Abla Steinmetz, IES Innovation Director, won the “Woman of the Year 2022” award. Originally named in the “Woman of Innovation” category, she impressed the jury who awarded her the Grand Prize.

Open to all companies in French industry, the Trophées des Femmes de l’industrie (Women in Industry Awards) highlight the career paths of women who have participated significantly in the success of their teams, who have excelled in their professional qualities and aroused the admiration of their peers.

Abla has risen all academic and professionnal levels to dedicate herself to her passion : indistrial innovation within the automotive sector.

She deploys the IES roadmap with her teams and implements disruptive projects such as the 4D radar co-developped with Greenerwave. What do all her projects have in common ? Improve the safety of car users, establish sustainable development as a pillar of the Group’s innovations and develop increasingly and connected systems.

“Abla is able to both reflect over the long term and offer a business vision of innovations, and to determine whether they can realy turn into a revenue opportunity”, emphasizes Stéphane Noel, President & CEO of IES Division.

As a female mentor of the association “Elles bougent” which aims to strengthen diversity in industrial companies and a member of the WoMen@PO ntework, Alba is actively involved in promoting diversity.

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A well-deserved award that makes us all so proud of Abla Steinmetz at Plastic Omnium!
A turning point for the development of our #hydrogen business! Plastic Omnium CEO Laurent Favre announced today the construction of a hydrogen vessels factory in Compiegne, that will be the largest in Europe.

Learn more here ⤵️
The European Sustainability Development Week #ESDW is ending! A good opportunity to honor our community of 200 Sustainability Ambassadors who are volunteers, actively contributing to our #sustainability targets. Thanks to all of them and let's keep up the great work 💪
We are showcasing our solutions for the future of mobility at two major leading trade fairs this week: IAA Transportation in Hannover and @InnoTrans in Berlin! Great opportunities to present our #battery and #hydrogen fuel cell product range dedicated to heavy duty and railways.
As of 2023, Plastic Omnium will collaborate with Safra to support the development of its hydrogen-powered #buses and #retrofit service converting diesel coaches to hydrogen. A great step towards a cleaner urban public #transportation environment !
Great news: #PACEPilot award won for our 4D Imaging #Radar, a disruptive #innovation in exterior body parts, developed with #Frenchtech start-up @Greenerwave, that shows unmatched imaging performances for wider detection capabilities of the vehicle’s environment.